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Intersectional Innovations

Corporate DEI Training Isn't Working...

So how do we create a new work culture post-pandemic?

DEI training is rooted in what I call the American Domination Society era.

You see, in this nation's saga, two societal structures contend - Partnership and Domination systems. This dichotomy births DEI training, racism, misogyny, and a history marred by conquest.

White Evangelism
Corporate Culture
Predatory Banking
Human Trafficking
DEI Training

American Domination Society's genesis? Colonialism. Think of Columbus, asserting dominance over indigenous lands once governed by a Partnership society model, while implanting systemic misogyny and Judeo-Christian religion. Even land ownership itself is a testament to this conquest.  Here are a few of the offsprings that were birthed from Domination Society.

Domination Society

The Solution

What Sets Us Apart

While a full return to a Partnership Society might be a distant dream, a hybrid future is within grasp. We can meld the best of both worlds, forging a future that challenges the current norms.

Let's create a future where DEI training is no longer a band-aid solution but an earnest component of partnership
and true collaboration.

Avoiding Harm
Barter System
Life-Centered Outcomes
Ethic Reflective Budgeting
Working With

Here's the kicker — our current society is unnatural. It's a far cry from communal living and neighborly respect that exist when we center Partnership, where we strive to stop regular harms like homelessness and 40-hour workweeks are alien concepts. Before the founding fathers "created" America there was already a societal structure that was peaceful and effective. Here are a few of the offsprings that were birthed from Partnership Society.

Partnership Society

Yeruwelle de Rouen


Chief Executive Officer

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Kevin Marcus Miller

Outreach & Marketing Manager  

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