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Meet Your Consultant

The present circumstances are a meeting point of the past and future, an important metaphor for understanding where we are now and what we want to achieve. Our personal narratives are a map to understanding the dynamics of the world at large.

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Yeruwelle de Rouen
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Our Research Associates
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Keturah Ragland
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Keturah is from Phoenix, Arizona and currently a Ph.D. student studying Psychology at Tufts University. In her research, she takes intersectional approach to examine how having various/multiple stigmatized identities impacts individuals' perceptions and behaviors in various spaces. She seeks to use the unique combination of her personal and trained knowledge to understand and be a change agent in the world.

Keturah aspires to have her work be an extension of her advocacy and social justice efforts to highlight the experiences of those who are often pushed to the margins.


In her free time, she likes to read, spend time with friends and family, travel, and watch lots of reality television. 

Michelle Delk
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Michelle is a graduate student at Emory University where she is pursuing an MPH in Healthcare Management.


Michelle is passionate about EBI work and research because she is interested in how the application of diversity initiatives can impact the long term reach of an organization. She is a solution oriented leader with three years of relevant healthcare experience across multiple settings.


Her passion for healthcare is driven by her aspiration to eliminate health disparities amongst minority communities and increase access to care through an ambulatory lens.

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Personal narrative as a path to expertise

My intergenerational, visible, and personal identity are the foundation of how I understand the bridges between people and mindsets. Personal narrative and my desire to understand why the world works the way it does set a course for accumulating my expertise in counseling psychology, philosophy, rhetoric and law, critical race theory, and restorative organizational development.

My experience and expertise begin with my unique narrative growing up in a multi-ethnic, American home, raised in the enchanting desert of New Mexico, the oldest of seven children, homeschooled through my K-12 education. I was raised to ask questions, value education, and to incorporate servant-leadership into my regular life. As a multi-ethnic, light skinned, BIPOC, cis-woman I am ever aware of the power dynamics that are in each space and how the needs of people are the same no matter the many identities they hold.

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The layered effect of identity and power

Throughout my life, my identity has made me keenly aware of how my position in the world and how this affects all aspects of individual personal liberty -  from which rights I have over my own body, to how much money I can make on average in the workplace. These many inconsistencies of personal power, dependent on one’s perceived identity, led me to seek  education and continuous learning about design thinking and the restorative process, which  I apply to understand the domination structures that obstruct true collaboration.

Since youthdom, the three experiences that bring a constant awareness of and questions about power dynamics to my attention are:


a) My skin color - As a black and indigenous woman, the history of "passing" (allowing others to believe you're white or non-black to ease your way through life) is something I knew happened around me, and so I decided to never allow it. Yet, I can not forget that my lighter skin color allows me privilege, no matter my ethnicity or gender.


b) Science and the evolution of human understanding - Our far reaching understanding of the universe, the natural environment, human development, the brain, and epigenetics demonstrate so much about our capabilities. The collective human possibilities are astounding! Yet, the low level beliefs about ourselves and "the other" are crippling our evolution.


c) Gender and the positioning of the female - There was a special moment in life when I realize that I would one day transition to being a woman. I was stoked...until the world made clear that being "not a man" will displace you. Your experiences, your needs, your ideas, your passions are secondary - quieted - or violently silenced. This is across spectrum of colorism, ethnicity, language, or location.


Addressing domination to empower all people

These prominent identity experiences, combined with my education and expertise, have led to a passion for melding innovation with equity, belonging, and inclusion (EBI) within STEM, tech, and organizational culture. Helping organizations to remove domination dynamics and empower voice and innovation, which support their outcomes for sincere inclusion and belonging.

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How I refresh my life
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Catch me watering and talking to my plants, studying historical maps and movements of people, leaving it on the yoga mat, rockhounding with family, or meditating at the mountain ashram. We might also bump into each other at a continued learning space, the library, or enjoying live music at Red Rocks. Traveling and engaging with people also brings me joy, and I recently visited many Gaudi halls, and enjoyed the cafe afternoons when I married my hubby in Spain, spring 2022.

BS, Counseling & Educational Psychology, Family & Child Science, and Philosophy


MA, Critical Race Theory, Ethnic Women's Feminist Theory, and English Rhetoric

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