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Intersectional Innovations Consulting

is an interdisciplinary approach to addressing inequitable systems and our most complex human and group dynamics.


Intersectional Innovations is

Yeruwelle de Rouen [she/her].

Learn more about how Yeruwelle, her values, experience, and philosophy, below.

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Yeruwelle de Rouen
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Experience and Philosophy

My experience and expertise begin with my unique narrative as a multi-ethnic, BIPOC, American, cis-woman; the receiver of a K-12 home school education; the eldest of seven children; and coming from an ancestral lineage that straddles the United States and its lived history. I was raised to ask questions, value education, and to incorporate servant-leadership into my regular life.


I live from my heart and intuition and lead from a regulated state, to design in support of the whole person. Collaboration, individualization, reverse engineering, and systems thinking are my strengths. During my career, I have established several, successful

- hiring practices, tools and systems that innately create diverse teams and empower individuals

- partnership-centered communities

- inclusion program models

- adult learning communities

- ally leadership coaching systems

- educational and training programs towards belonging

- dynamic discourse spaces

As an avid reader, philosopher, and social activist, I dive deep to understand how we can build effective systemic change towards social equity through education, dynamic dialogue, and community engagement. 

My work affects cultural, systemic shifts in social equity through education and interdisciplinary methodologies of integration such as partnership systems, dynamic dialogue, trauma-informed mindset, and collaborative leadership. To solve problems we must innovate solutions that serve your unique community.

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I currently serve as Restorative Process District Coordinator for the Denver Public Schools while also consulting with various organizations on issues of equity, inclusion, and partnership-systems to create change. I regularly lecture on intersectionality, partnership systems, trauma-informed, and restorative practices, and am a passionate volunteer with several organizations.

BS, Counseling & Educational Psychology, Family & Child Science, and Philosophy


MA, Critical Race Theory, Ethnic Women's Feminist Theory, and English Rhetoric