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Designing for Inclusion with Yeruwelle de Rouen at Women in Tech Global Conference 2023

We are thrilled to announce that our Founder & CEO, Yeruwelle de Rouen, will be speaking at the Women in Tech Global Conference 2023. Join us to hear Yeruwelle speak on the topic of "DEI Culture Design: Infusing inclusion into tech spaces and work culture".

In her session, Yeruwelle will be addressing the challenges faced by women, BIPOC, first gen, LGBTQ+, and other silenced identities within the tech industry. She will be sharing her insights on how to combat the unpredictable stress experienced over the past three years by centering wellness, working with employees, and creating psychological safety.

By applying restorative processes and liberatory design principles, leaders can begin to address historical harm and create empowering, trust-centered relationships.

Key takeaways from Yeruwelle's session include how to apply the tools of restorative design to create work culture "with" all employees, understand employee needs, individualize the work environment, and create a company brand that is sought after by top, diverse talent.

Attendees will also learn how to implement the principles of design and innovation to recreate the current climate of STEM and tech environments.

Yeruwelle's expertise in affecting systemic shifts in social equity, combined with her passion for melding innovation with equity, belonging, and inclusion (EBI) within STEM, tech, and organizational culture, makes her an invaluable speaker at the Women in Tech Global Conference 2023.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to hear from Yeruwelle and over 700 other women in tech speakers.

Register here now to secure your spot at the conference.

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