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Equity, Belonging & Inclusion in Gaming Learning Series

Teaching conscious game design and development.

It is my honor to be a collaborator and instructor for this new equity in gaming series. I've created the introductory lesson for the conscious learning series for game design and developers: Equity, Belonging, and Inclusion in Gaming.


Please join me and other national leaders (coming soon) in this new equity learning series that seeks to lessen harmful stereotypes, beliefs, and social norms that have serious, "real-world implications."

Learn more here and join the movement, today!

Watch the intro to my course, below.

The Equity Gaming Project is a
collective of underrepresented
identities in gaming that creates
conscious, no-harm learning
experiences for game designers,
developers and organizations


Host virtual and in-person programs that
guide creators toward producing content
that lessens harmful stereotypes, beliefs
and social norms that have serious,
"real-world implications."

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