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Services Based on
a Mission

Intersectional Innovations is here to

Design proactive, inclusive, partnership centered environments with communities.

Empowering all people and heightening human innovation.

Leader Coaching & Development

Be a leader for equity by disrupting unjust or unfair realities, practices, and policies. You co-design with your community and re-imagine how goals are both constructed and reached. You can become a liberatory leader - let me show you how!

EBI Discovery, Assessment
& Evaluation

Individualized assessment to create immediate understanding and provide long term tracking of needs, outcomes, synergies, new programs, proactive strategies, and member voice.

Culture Design & Implementation

By adopting the positive-sum perspective I will help you develop an organizational culture of connection and collaboration. This proactive, inclusive approach fosters belonging and innovation within your organization.

Workshops/Strategic Design/
other Facilitation


Comprehensive and engaging equity, belonging, inclusion and resilience training and facilitation tailored to your organizational needs. Engaging people at all levels to create the structures, competencies and tools that advance and sustain equity efforts throughout the organization.

EBI Reputation Growth

A sequence of press releases to showcase your EBI efforts,  innovation, and growth.

Wave your flag and tell top talent that this is a great place to work.

Training/Program/Curricula Design & Implementation 

Creating training or programs that proactively empower, creatively engaged, and provide applicable learning from an EBI lense.

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