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Innovative Consulting to meet
your unique needs

Let’s work together to investigate where you or your group is at, determine where you would like to be and how we can construct an inclusive trajectory towards sincerer collaboration, through:

  • leadership development and coaching

  • assessment - culture & climate, implicit bias, belief & attitude, collaboration, and more

  • education + training

  • dynamic discourse around identity, gender, race and all otherness

  • individual and collective narrative

  • anti-racist and intersectional frameworks

  • life-centered design thinking

  • outward mindset thinking

  • trauma-informed process

  • whole-self-care and resiliency

  • strategic planning

  • policy, procedure and systems review

  • restorative,conflict resolution

  • individualized support

Learn more about my consulting services, below.

Resilient  Community

Whether you're apart of a book club, STEM classroom, MeetUp group, gaming guild, or work team you have joined a community. To form a healthy, life-centered community we must intentionally design our spaces and interactions.

You can intentionally form communities that are void of domination, empower all voices, and meet varying needs. Providing training and support, we will harness the strengths of your community through:

  • partnership design

  • personal + group narrative

  • group values and guidelines

  • non-violent communication

  • dynamics discourse

  • restorative + circle practices

  • trauma-informed practices

Leader Development

Be a leader for equity by disrupting unjust or unfair realities, practices, and policies. You can create the opportunity to co-design with your community and re-imagine how goals are both constructed and reached. You can become a liberatory leader - let me show you how!

To help each client, or small team, become the allied leader their community needs, I meet you where you are. Equipping you to lead and create sincere belonging, I support you with:

  • self-alignment activities

  • customized education

  • interdisciplinary training

  • mentor coaching

  • dynamic discourse facilitation

  • climate assessment

  • power-dynamic assessment

  • implicit bias assessment

  • adopting an intersectional lens

Equity & inclusion

Supporting culture & climate  shifts that result in equitable and inclusive environments.


By adopting the positive-sum perspective I will help you develop an organizational culture of connection and collaboration. As a result, you will have more resources to get farther, faster.  

Beginning with assessment, we will determine the unique needs of your organization or group to create:

  • an individualized review process

  • educational + training supports

  • trusting relationships & courageous conversations

  • equitable systems in response  to institutionalized exclusion

I creatively address organizational change by offering a deep, authentic, strategic, and supportive partnership.